They’ve all got something to say – Shake it off and be yourself anyway

So there you are minding your own business, doing your thing, when along comes some nasty comment, or unsavory dig at you. Maybe you get all volcanic, and you erupt – It feels great! Maybe you don’t – but then it festers because it really does bother you. So now what ? One part of you wants to fling a hammer at the person, yet another part absorbs the insult and feels awful.

The volcanic reaction makes you feel good for that moment. You’re in power, you’ve stood your ground and shown them what you’re made of. However how does this make you feel afterwards ? Then consider the Turn-The-Other-Cheek approach where you let things be, but then it haunts you and you find yourself second-guessing everything about yourself. Is this healthy for you ?

Personally, I tend to go either way depending on my mood and circumstances at the time! But whichever reaction I choose, I’ve caused far more harm to myself than to the other person.

We all know, and it’s been proven, how our emotions affect our physiology. Brain monitoring devices show electrical storms in our brains when we are angry. Negative emotions and thoughts cause our cells to literally shrivel up and block off the nutritional content of the food we eat, rather than absorb it. It’s as if our body packs up and goes awol the entire time we think negative thoughts or have negative emotions.

So then what do we do ?? We shake it off. Because that’s all we can do. And we move on.

If we change things about ourselves that doesn’t serve us, we’ve lost the plot. When others learn to walk in your shoes (and that day will never come), then only should you let go of the reigns and let the nasties take control. Until then, be happy in your own skin, be proud of the amazing person that you are, look up to the sun and love yourself to bits!


About Varsha Indurjith

Hello there! Welcome, and Thanks for stopping by! My name is Varsha Indurjith, mother of 2, full-time IT Developer, part-time Natural/Alternative Holistic Therapist and an absolute free spirit. I am wildly passionate about real food, wholesome living, taking charge of our health and spreading the love! I come across new information, research it, apply it, see the benefits of it, then share it! My request to you is to Free your mind and be open to the magic that is waiting to happen!
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